El Clan

Feature Film / 119 min / Spain / 2012


Spain, 1944, a country in turmoil, times are hard. Almost bankrupted by his late father’s gambling debts, Ricardo, is forced to scrape a living as a shoe-shine boy, in order to care for his recently widowed sister and to keep them in their family home. Ricardo and his life-long buddies work together as a gang, extracting money from debtors for the town’s rich and powerful. When the code of loyalty, that has bonded the four friends for so long, is tested to the limit, it takes them on a terrifying journey into an increasing spiral of violence. (from IMDB)

 El clan
(2012) on IMDb

Producers: Film!CanaryIslands, CoopFilm Productions
Director: Jaime Falero
Writers: Pedro J. Mérida (screenplay), Jaime Falero (screenplay)
DOP: Santi Torres
Cast: Francisco Vera, Borja Elgea, Octavi Pujades


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