A Cinematographer's Manifesto

These are some of the principles that guide my work.


As a Director of Photography, I like to be at the director's service. In that regard, my work is more like an artisan's that an artist's. I don't claim to have a defined style but to adapt to the director's vision.


I thrive working with directors who have a clear conception. My job is to translate it to the best images possible so they can leave their mark on the film.


For me, it’s essential to build creative chemistry in the Director-DOP relationship and keep mutual trust throughout the whole project.

Solution Focused

When shit happens on set, looking for someone to blame is a waste of time. You learn nothing from it. Running a rental house has taught me to focus on solutions instead. Much more productive and healthy.


On a film, good cinematography shouldn't get noticed. I.e. It should satisfy its narrative or emotional meaning without being in the spotlight. So I do my best to keep my cinematography invisible.


Filmmakers ask me frequently how I get "so much with so little", because I always seek to attain the maximum quality possible within available means.


Don't you think that consistency is crucial in a movie? A good job shouldn't have a few masterpiece shots and the rest to be mediocre, but to keep that quality the whole film.


I like to work with people committed with the project, passionate about the script they're going to film and demanding towards my job, which pushes me to go a step further.

Fair wage

I understand that you have a tight budget. But working on mid-budget productions doesn't need to be underpaid. A team fair paid and well treated will bring a unique quality to the project, keeping it within budget.

I worked with Santi for the first time as his AC, and years later, he was the Director of Photography of my first documentary feature. From every perspective, he is a great professional that conveys confidence and knowledge to the team. You learn to see the light of your ideas better by his side.



Tell me about your project and let's see how we can work together.